Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tribute: Amanda

Amanda, originally uploaded by frida world.

Last week I lifted my mood and reminded myself of my many blessings by writing a tribute to my friends Wendie and Cathy. I enjoyed it so much I've decided to make it a regular Saturday treat. I first met Amanda in the Gaza Strip, seven and a half years ago. The first time I saw her she was dancing to Arabic music with amazing abandon and natural rhythm. I saw this young woman radiating sensuality and a wonderful sense of fun and I thought, life here in Gaza is not going to be so bad. Over the almost two years that we lived in Gaza together I saw many more examples of Amanda's willingness and ability to grab the goodness of life where she found it. Together we stood together under a waterfall in north Israel, luxuriating in the feel of water falling after months in the dry desert. Together we danced whenever there was time, space and music to be found or made. When we both ended up back in New Zealand, living in the wild, windy Wellington, Amanda and I found more ways to grasp at life in all it's pulsing, sweating glory. We rode our funny old bikes up hills so steep I thought we might never make it, just so that we could have the thrill of riding down the other side to the coast. We ran together in my first every road race, a 5km charity women's race. She even forgave me for my unplanned spurt of competitiveness at the 4km mark. And still, together we danced whenever there was time, space and music to be found or made. Amanda is willing to try life out, to taste new flavours, kiss new men, venture to new places and tease out new ideas. But over these years I have come to know Amanda as a woman not only of vibrance and fun, but also of integrity and humanity. Amanda has shown me through her life what it really looks like when we honour the inherent dignity of every person. She has taught me what it can mean when we are not unduly impressed by those who hold position, power or popularity, and when we are neither patronising or dismissive of those who lack all three. This in itself would be enough reason to love her. But more than all these things, Amanda understands and embraces all of me. I hope that she would say the same about me. I have never held back from telling Amanda the truth about my fear, my anger, my sadness, my pain, my grief or my jealousy. I have never felt that I needed to. I know that she already knows, and she loves me all the same.


immy said...

Well how can I not comment on this tribute to Amanda, someone as dear to me for all the reasons listed by Marianne and some more of my own too. Amanda, Frida and I have a string running through our lives which connects us, through shared experiences in many distant places, home and away, through troubles and joys that only we three could ever understand.

Thanks Frida for so eloquently and spot-on-ly telling it like it is. Our Amanda is one of a kind, the most human human-being I know, a sensual beautiful woman, a great thinker and teacher and an amazing friend.

Heres to you darling!

Frida World said...

Immy my lovely, you were in my mind as I wrote this. I wondered for a moment whether I needed to write something for the three of us... But I have more than enough to write a separate tribute just for you my friend.

We can, in the meantime, form our mutual Amanda appreciation society.

AnnieElf said...

Frida, you are so rich in good friends. You will never be alone, even when you are feeling VERY alone.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Wow- to have such wonderful and amazing friends! You are truly blessed! And I am sure they feel the same way about you!
Thank you for sharing these special people in your life with all of us!

emma said...

What a lovely tribute. It inspires one to live in such a manner that one might be thought of in just this way! I found your blog via MyMarrakesh, and am intrigued!

paris parfait said...

What a great tribute to your lovely friend - sounds like a true kindred spirit, with whom you will always share many wonderful adventures! xo

[a} said...

I wanna know her--she sounds like the perfect big sis!

And I've always wanted a big sister, one as cool as your friend Amanda.

"She has taught me what it can mean when we are not unduly impressed by those who hold position, power or popularity, and when we are neither patronising or dismissive of those who lack all three."

Love that!

The waterfall experience must have been amazazazing.

susanna said...

What a great tribute to your friend! She sounds like an amazing, fun, good friend. You both are living such interesting lives.

ceanandjen said...

This is a gorgeous tribute to your friend. Clearly, she is a beautiful and enlightening individual, and it sounds like she spreads that light everywhere she goes. Thank you for sharing this story with us. Friendships like the one you and Amanda share are a beautiful gift.

Mary Parker said...

How can I not contribute also. I love Amanda because she makes me laugh and she is a great listener. She is also very complimentary about my cooking. I wish she wasn't so hard on herself sometimes. That thesis will get done petal!

Anonymous said...

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