Saturday, January 27, 2007

Off on mission again

Girls group 4, originally uploaded by frida world.

Yay! I'm off on mission again, this time to Badghis province, to the north of Herat. Last time I was there we ran human rights/ child rights workshops for school children, including the adorable girls in this photo.

This time I have two concurrent workshops. During the morning we are running a workshop on women and criminal justice, with the expertise provided by my friend Kathryn Khamsi of the International Development Law Organisation. Kathyrn has been teaching prosecutors and defense lawyers in Afghanistan for 14 months and is fabulously well-versed In Afghan and Islamic law as well as being a gifted trainer.

In the afternoons I'll be running an introductory human rights workshop for all our organisation's staff here in the Badghis office. That will include the cook, cleaner, guards, driver and radio operators as well as the programme staff. I'm looking forward to that, and hope that I can create an environment in which everyone will be willing and able to participate.

Anyway - I will have limited web access so I probably won't be able to update here very often or check in on all of you.

But I will post photos if I can, and look forward to catching up with you all when I get back on Sunday 4th.


paris parfait said...

Sounds like a rewarding mission for all concerned. Safe journey!

Lacithecat said...


Have a lovely and successful journey! Look forward to hearing about your adventures when you get back!!


Kristen said...

I just discovered you through your comment at Book of Marvels

I love you blog, your mission in life, and your excitement about experiencing as much as possible. You are an inspiration to others, and I hope it is OK if I list you on my blog under "Peace Through Understanding"

Kamrin said...

What you are doing is fantastic! May your journey be safe and fruitful!

AnnieElf said...

Best wishes and safe journey, Frida. We all look forward to your account of this mission when you return. Blessings, Annie