Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Opps. I must have had a few too many glasses of champagne at the ICRC (Red Cross) New Years party last night. I just opened my handbag to find my camera so I could download a photo for this post and found only my empty camera case. That ICRC bar, it's the only one in town and we are invited there about once a month and so its possible that I got a little carried away. Happy New Year! Having no photo doesn't leave me much else with which to embellish this New Year's day post. I am working on some new goals, dreams, plans and aspirations - but I've decided to go for an extension on the 1 January deadline, they are still cooking in their creative juices and are not ready for general consumption yet. But somewhere in there, swirling around with all the other delicious ingredients, are some ideas about an independent business venture, so this post will be dedicated to inspiring women whose businesses are ready and waiting for you to show a little love this year: The Fairy Shop Bohemian Girl Designs Superhero Designs Letha Sandison Boutique Laini's Ladies Christine Mason Miller Please send me more links to independent businesses, especially but not exclusively women's businesses. I'm especially interested in businesses that have combined poverty-reduction, empowerment for women or development goals with creative endeavours and business plans. Can you see where my thoughts are heading? Update: I had an email from a friend expressing his sorrow that my camera didn't make it home from the party. Perhaps, he suggested, it met someone special? Turns out that was exactly what happened. The Commander found it in his coat pocket this morning. At least my camera has good taste in men!


Susannah said...

You go girl! i too have been thinking about starting my own business.... watch this space :-) xo

Regina Clare Jane said...

Frida- I have just been perusing through your blog and I can't tell you how impressed I am- and touched. You have so much to offer the world and all of us here in the blog land- you are inspiring! You are on my list of blogs to read every day for the New Year! Thank you for sharing your life!
I love strong, independent women simply because that is something I am striving to become- I need the role models! I am so happy to have found you!
Happy New Year and be safe! And many blessings for your cousin Marc and family for the New year as well. May it be a healthy one.

Susannah said...

hello again lovely one... so, SLR cameras.... i was thinking of a Canon rebel as well - basically, they are one of the more affordable digi slrs - i've been reading lot of geeky camera mags so i'll keep you posted of my findings :-)

Lacithecat said...

Smile ... you know my take on starting a business. I would love to, from importing interesting stuff directly from the source in developing countries to even creating a publishing business based on young African writers - for example. Always willing to brainstorm!

Hope you got your camera back!

paris parfait said...

Glad you had champagne, even in Afghanistan! And hope you find your camera. Thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog. I am really touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness. And I'm so glad to have discovered your blog. It's wonderful to read about the important work you're doing! I've added you to my "international intrigue" blogroll.

My Marrakech said...

Hi there. Just wanted to stop by from Marrakesh, and from one human rights worker to another, to wish you a really wonderful year.

Alexandra G said...

Happy New Year! I wonder what that sounds like in Afghanistan! Laini had just told me about your blog yesterday when I saw your comment on my blog (and no, I didn't make those dolls! If I had made a doll, it would look very, very weird, possibly even deranged!)...Have you heard of the organization based out of DC, Women for Women? You probably have but just in case not thought I would mention it. I'm really looking forward to tuning into your blog in this new year and learning much more about the reality of life there. So glad you are online and writing! Have a healthy and fulfilling 2007!

pumuckl said...

ciao bella

I just thought... my latest post - I hope u will not be upset because of one of the things I wrote there about comments :-)

and by the way... my little control freak.... I have a great idea for a resolution for you: do less in the sense of let go some things, and relax more :-) u will still be doing a great job!

cu around

Mary said...

Hello darling,

I still don't know how to use these blog posts properly so will just send a note wishing you well and to say we are all thinking of you and raised our glasses to you, and all that you do, workwise and other wise, on New Year's Eve.

Much love


Anonymous said...

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