Monday, December 18, 2006

Off on mission again

I'm off again today, this time to Farah. I haven't been to Farah yet because the security situation there has been a bit unpredictable. So I'm looking forward to seeing something new.
I'll be taking with me a box of illustrated editions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Dari and Pashtu, and a big roll of posters with human rights messages. These were actually the materials for our human rights day event in Badghis last Sunday, but they didn't arrive in time (they got here yesterday, a week late). So I'm taking them to Farah. I might try to visit some schools, and give booklets and posters to each classroom.
But the main reason for the mission is to carry on with the monitoring of prisons and detention centres. It will be interesting to see what the situation is in a province which is so isolated, and unlikely to have been very much influenced by changes in the justice system.
The picture is from an earlier mission and is of a police investigator telling one of my associates why he needs to beat and torture all the suspects they arrest...
All going well I'll be back before the weekend, I'm very hopeful that we won't get stuck in Farah for Christmas!

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Susannah said...

Hello you, thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog. It's really good to find you - i want to sit down and read through your archive properly so i will be back! from the little i've read so far it sounds like you are doing an amazing job out there my love. have a wonderful christmas, and keep warm :-) big hug to you xo