Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cousins, family and other wedding photos

One thing I love about my family (and there are many, many things I love about my family) are my cousins. We are very close, especially on my Dad's side, our relationships are in some cases more like siblings than cousins. On Dad's side we are six female and six male cousins. This photo is of five of my male cousins a the pre-wedding BBQ.

Marc is the cousin missing from this photo. Marc is also the cousin with whom I've always been closest, so I was pretty happy when his daughter Rosa recently introduced me to her friend Ruby as "Daddy's special cousin". Here is a shot of Marc (centre) at the wedding reception with his brother Scott and mother, Marilyn.

My father and his brother married my mum and her cousin (Marilyn) and then they all started out on one farm together, so we grew up with these guys and Marc is really more like a brother to me than a cousin. Mum and Marilyn although technically cousins, are also more like sisters. They grew up together in the same house, since their parents were also two brothers who married two sisters and then bought a farm together, each of them was the only girl in a family of boys so they are very close. Here is a photo of Marc and I at the wedding reception.

Along the same lines, Theresa is very close to our cousin Christina, who was her bridesmaid, and Christina's mother Delwynne. I also adore both of these wonderful women. Here are some photos of them, at the BBQ and then getting Theresa ready for the big day.

Finally we are getting to the actual wedding photos, I like this one from the ceremony of Theresa and Tom with Christina and my niece (Olivia) and nephew (Caleb).

and this one of the kiss...

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