Friday, December 15, 2006

A Christmas gift idea - help Afghan children

Last night the Commander suggested that for Christmas we go out and buy as many warm children's clothes as we can find and give them to the children and the orphanage in Ghor or somewhere equally remote and neglected.
He is going to tell his family and friends that they can deposit money into his bank account for instead of giving him Christmas gifts and we'll get more clothes for the children with the money.
If anyone reading this blog is interested in doing the same thing post me a comment (if I don't already have it then you'll need to give me your email address) and I'll tell you how you can do the same thing.
For inspiration I've posted some photos of the kids in Qala-e-Naw at my human rights event last weekend, they all seemed to be under-dressed to me and it was really cold.


Mary Parker said...

Hello there,
I would be keen to help you and the Commander out with getting these kids some decent clothes. Could you send me the back account details to my personal address?

Anonymous said...

dear frida,
I saw your site, I love chagcharan and ghor as well, in fact I lived there for more than 2 years and I want to go back there after my university study. can you halp me.
you can find me on this phone nombr:
0098 917 701 3705
My name is fatemeh. I am from Iran.