Sunday, November 12, 2006

Welcome Thomas Michael Rutherford!

Absolutely the biggest news of my weekend - my amazing, darling friend Rachael gave birth to her son, Thomas Michael Rutherford. This is in fact just the latest and most miraculous in a long line of creative acts by the very talented Rachael King (if you haven't already read "The Sound of Butterflies" then stop reading this, buy a copy and find out what you've been missing out on). This latest creation, however, was a unique and fruitful collaboration with the equally talented and dashing Peter Rutherford. I couldn't be more thrilled for them all, and my only regret is being so far away. It's the really rotten part of this job. Right now, Rachael and Peter will be bringing Thomas home to Edinburgh Terrace, and if I were home - in my own wee cottage just a few doors away - then there are a million little things I could do to make this big transition just a teeny bit easier. That was, after all, the whole idea behind us buying our houses in the same street. But for the moment I'll entrust all the hands-on loving to the very capable Brunette Mafia and put into practice the long-distance Aunty skills that I've learned with my beloved nephews and niece and that I'm now fine-tuning with my very precious godson Archie. So until I get home to meet him in person and to wrap up his amazing mother is a huge hug I'm storing up great bedtime tales for Thomas. I may never be the storyteller that his wondrously talented mother is, but I'll have some good yarns all the same.

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Hafez said...

So you are from New Zealand? I ve quit an amout of Relatives in Christchurch...

Do you know Carole Van Grondelle?
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