Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thank goodness for bromazepam

Somedays I just have to admit that I'm not coping. All the yoga, healthy eating, positive thinking and regular exercise in the world is not enough to keep me a float in the midst of this madness sometimes. My good intentions last night melted into a wobbly pool of tears and I decided to give up on being a good welcoming party for Mac and instead came home, took a couple of Lexotanil and wen't to sleep (slept solidly for the first time in days). I don't like it but I knew I wasn't going to survive another night without it. More when I'm feeling better. x

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Mary Parker said...

Hello sweetheart,
I am very sorry to hear you aren't running on all four cylinders. Oh to be able to sit you down on my couch, give you a glass of red wine and some chocolates and talk about such things as Brangelina and how good it is the democrats are succeeding in the US.
Miss you, love you