Friday, November 03, 2006

Six reasons to be happy

Inspired by Susannah 1. It is the beginning of November and, still, when I wake up every morning the sun is shining; 2. This morning I opened the fridge and found, for the first time since I came here, soy milk (our cook has been searching for it all over Herat for the past two months and eventually, it seems, convinced a shop owner to bring some in from Iran); 3. Putting 1 and 2 together - this morning I get to drink a big soy latte in the morning sun; 4. I just got off the phone from Portland where my gorgeous man was about to get on a flight that will (eventually, on Tuesday) bring him to Herat; 5. Last night I defied my Thursday evening weariness and went to the 'Mobile Bar' and met new people, great people, living here in my neighbourhood who were ready to talk about Peter Jackson's movies (a very nice change from the insurgency in Afghanistan); and 6. Amongst those great people is a yoga master who regularly runs group yoga classes, and I'm invited!

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Mary Parker said...

Hello lovely - what a nice post! That soy latte must have tasted damn fine. I am not going to party as pony rider. I am going as fortune teller - good way to start conversations and perhaps get my palm crossed with silver. Will report tomorrow. Love you. xxx