Friday, November 17, 2006

Grateful Friday

Last week I was struggling to find the courage to get out of bed, and Friday went by without any moments of thankfulness. This week, after missions to interview victims of recent tribal conflict and another up into the remote and deprived province of Ghor I feel quite the opposite, full of reasons to be thankful. Here are my top six: 1. My blues have passed and I'm again motivated, energised and ready to do this work. 2. My lovely man got back from his week in Kabul and we have this lovely, lazy Friday together before I take off to Kabul on Sunday. 3. The sun is shining again, but the past two days of electrical storms were pretty fantastic as well. 4. My family and friends are safe, with warm homes and enough food and clothes to keep them healthy. 5. I was born in a country, and family, in which I grew up with the chance to think, learn, question, participate and contribute at every level of family and public life. 6. I ran 13 kms on the treadmill this morning, starting well on my plan to get ready to run a half marathon next February. Enjoy your weekends and I hope they are filled with moments to be thankful for. x


Hafez said...

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GITA MANN said...

Heya gorgeous,
Are you on the road home yet? I'm tidying my desk here at arts television central, as we've come to a close for this year. Taking the quiet time to catch up on your blogs (love the Runner's World website - am taking the treadmill advice straight to the gym in a moment) and wish you love from a distance. I'm not sure whether I'll see you while you're here, but let me know the best address with which to load you up on lovely new music from these parts!
The ukuleles are rocking and love is in the air down here. Miss you, adore you, xx GG